{"datas":{"Status":"true","menuID":"77656514145525053890","title":"Mission of TYBA","summary":"The Aims and Objectives of TYBA","content":"At TYBA, our mission is to increase the level of professional services for all global segments of commercial yachting, and to make Turkey one of the most trusted and viable destinations in the world when it comes to the chartering, construction, maintenance, and mooring of private and commercial yachts. 

Under the premise that yachting can only be improved with the participation of all parties in the sector, including builders, vessel owners, brokers and charterers, we at TYBA aim to increase communication and collaboration between the different parties and provide guidance to government organisations to attract charterers, yacht owners and agents to the Eastern Mediterranean.

In addition, with the dedicated work and valuable input of our many members who have had international experience over the years, we also aim to form very close ties with foreign yachting associations. Coordination with our colleagues will make the Aegean and Mediterranean sailing grounds a much more accessible yachting destination, ensuring that all participating charterers as well as boat owners are granted full rights and transparency of contractual and financial transactions. 

The objectives of TYBA are as follows;