As of 29 May, 2019 Greek Authorities are imposing heavy penalties on Turkish gulets for having advertising Greece as destinations in the websites. These penalties for each call of Greek island is merciless and not justified in our opinion as the ownership of yachts and websites advertising Greece as destination does not belong to the yacht owner directly,

The purpose of this notification is to bring clarification into the current rules and regulations for yachts based in and/or chartering in and out of Turkey. Flag state and registration status of vessels have been used in this letter to form structure to the reader. This notification serves to provide a general guideline of the current rules and regulations. 

The Turkish Yacht Brokers Association is sorry to inform you that on 06 July 2017, the Hellenic Republic Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Island Politics, issued and circulated the attached letter to its related official bodies, regarding the clarification and enforcement of Greek Law 4256/2014 which governs charter regulations in Greece. These methods unfortunately place many Turkish & non-Turkish yacht owners, many Turkish & non-Turkish yacht brokers and many Turkish & non-Turkish yacht charter clients, who have booked their vacations way in advance, in a very difficult position and we believe the issue should be re-addressed and evaluated in order to avoid all parties from suffering unnecessarily.