Membership Terms

Application conditions for TYBA membership

Corporate Membership

With membership, you benefit from all the advantages that membership brings within the sector, as well as the right to participate in the committees formed as a member, to vote and to be elected in general assemblies.

Membership Terms;

Application form
*Certificate of Establishment of Workplace in Turkey

*Membership of Chamber of Shipping (DTO)

*One of the documents prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism indicating that it is active in the field of Tourism or Yachting (Türsab membership, Tourism Operation Certificate, Ship Agency Certificate)

*At least two charter operators, brokerage, central agencies within the last 24 months prior to the application date, having made a charter contract worth at least 15,000 Euros in the last two years from 2 individuals or legal members who are currently members of the association, or at least two domestic agencies for ship agencies. and foreign yacht transaction – evidence of agency involvement, these references should be supported if necessary – by contracts and transit logs. . (Those who do not do charter business even if they have Tursab and Ship Agency certificate, companies that did not provide yacht agency service to charter boats are considered to have not fulfilled the membership criteria of our association)

* Letter of acceptance by the TYBA Board of Directors

*Member registration fee: 10.000 TL

*Annual dues: 1.200 TL