As TYBA, as a result of a research that lasted 15 days, as the product to be used for our disinfection applications; We definitely recommend the CRYSTALIN Antiseptic & Disinfectant product. As a result of our research, we discovered that Crystalin is a wonderful product, both domestic and national. crystalin; It is the only product that has BIOCIDAL PRODUCT TYPE 1-2 and 3 LICENSE BY THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH and has both antiseptic and disinfectant properties equivalent to physiological nature.

Crytalin is not an ordinary product, we just give you advice, there are hundreds of products on the market, you need to be careful, there is a high benefit in using this product so that our boats are the safest place.

The reasons we recommend Crystalin to all our members are;


1-) Crystalin, a hypochlorous active ingredient used even in the oral and navel care of newborn babies, does not harm sea creatures and the environment. It is the first and only domestic product that can be used for Human Health Hygiene, Antiseptic (Type-1), Ground-Surface-Environment Disinfectant (Type-2) and Animal Health Hygiene (Type-3) and has a Biocidal Product License in these 3 groups by the Ministry. Our body is also hypochlorous; produces for our immune system in the fight against microorganisms.

• Hypochlorous; It does not harm humans, when applied with ULV, it eradicates all viruses, fungi and bacteria in 12 seconds, and after 1 minute it turns into a micro water particle in the air and where it lands. After the application, it is recommended to ventilate the environment 5 minutes after the application and not to enter for at least half an hour.
The product is pH neutral, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-chemical, non-dying and non-staining. It does not require washing and rinsing after application. Hypochlorous active substance is a physiological substance, approved by FDA and EPA, our body produces the same substance for our immune system. We highly recommend you to use this product due to both the above-mentioned features of Crystalin and its fast, safe and wide range of antimicrobial properties.
CRYSTALIN product; It is packaged in a 1 liter spray bottle, by adding 1 liter of Crystalin and 4 liters of drinking water (potable demijohn water) to a ULV device; With a total of 5 liters of prepared solution, you can disinfect all cabins of a 30 meter boat, including crew areas, saloon, kitchen and engine room (a total area of ​​200 square meters). You can dilute it yourself with a normal hand spray, but it may not be as effective and quick as the ULV device.

Since the efficiency of the ULV device decreases in the open air and almost half of the product it pulverizes goes into the air without falling to the ground, you can apply it by hand spray to the butt bangaca, dining table, chairs and sunbathing mats from a distance of 25-30 cm outdoors. You can also apply the handrail and stair handles and chrome by spraying from 25-30 cm or by spraying with a micro fiber cloth impregnated with the product and then spreading the product.

HOW TO PROTECT YOUR BOAT AS A STERILE, DISINFECTED SAFE BOAT: After disinfecting your indoor and outdoor spaces with the product and disinfecting your crew’s hands and clothes with CRYSTALIN, your boat is now a Safe STERILE boat, no other bacteria or viruses, including Covid-19, are anywhere there is no more. After this stage, you can sterilize your guests and their food with Crystalin, you can apply Crystalin, which is an antiseptic & disinfectant except mouth and eyes, to the hands and exposed skin of your guests, in the form of hand spray, after spraying their clothes and shoes, your guests can also be contaminated by external contamination. will not be able to bring viruses to your boat. For your food, you can easily apply Crystalin diluted in 1 + 5 (1 + 9 after the pandemic) to your entire store from a distance of 25-30 cm by direct spraying, and you can protect your boat as a Safe Boat permanently.

DISINFECTED DOCUMENT: Public Health companies issue this document. After your boat is disinfected, they will process your information into the Ministry of Health data system and give you the document that it has been disinfected. If you want, you can renew this document by having it disinfected every week or you can disinfect it by spraying yourself.