Marines Wage War on ‘Pollution’ in Göcek

The sailors in Muğla rolled up their sleeves for the cleaning of Göcek bays, which are among the most unique bays and blue waters of the world. Seafarers have declared war on sea and coastal pollution by creating social awareness with their individual coastal cleaning and social responsibility projects.

The Aegean coast, one of the most unique blue cruise and tourism destinations in the world, is on the agenda in the fight against pollution as well as its beauty. While there are trash cans in some bays of the Aegean coast, which are visited by millions of tourists every year, plastic bottles, tin beverage cans, plastic bags and packaging wastes stand out in nature, since there are no trash cans in more isolated places. Although some associations and municipalities are working on this issue, it becomes clear that there is a need for a wider study on the cleaning of the entire region.

Cleaning is one of the most important agendas

Seafarers in Muğla are struggling with pollution with their own individual efforts in Göcek, one of the most beautiful places in the world with its paradise bays. Marines aim to create a social awareness with social responsibility projects by taking the war they have waged against pollution to the next level.


Şeref Sevi, President of All Yacht Managers, Brokers, Agencies and Investors Association (TYBA), which struggles to clean the bays in Göcek, said, “Tourism is the biggest source of income here. Therefore, the blue voyage business is being done. Boat work is done in and out of the country. Naturally, the area we use is our biggest capital and the cleaning of our coasts is among our most important agendas.”

The aim is to create social awareness


Pointing out that both the association and its members are devoted to this issue, Sevi said, “We take care to keep our city, where we live and our boat clean. We naturally feel responsible for this. However, in order to prevent this, there are some issues that we talked about that have not yet reached the project stage. We will share it when the time comes. However, our biggest goal is to create a social awareness on this issue,” he said.


Searching for solutions for nylon bags going to boats


Emphasizing that Muğla Municipality and Turmepa have some coordinated work on this issue, Sevi said, “Cleaning our bays is a part of our routine. In other words, we maintain the cleanliness of the bays, the environment and the boats in a natural process without the need for a campaign. One of the topics we talk about is finding a solution to the plastic bags that go to the boats during shopping. We will try to project how we can arrange the packaging for the boats in the coming days. This is the first thing,” he said.

‘We will do educational work’

Sevi continued as follows: “However, within the scope of awareness raising activities, planning should be made regarding continuous education. In this sense, we will carry out some studies in the coming period to train the personnel and captains and even to inform all passengers in general. We are talking about general studies. Because I believe that this is not a job limited to only associations or municipalities. From the fisherman to the yachtsman, who eats bread from this beach, from the sea, it is everyone’s business and everyone has a role.”

‘Awareness and organization to clean the bays is essential’

Ata Yachting General Manager Captain Ali Burçin Eke, who is both individually responsible for the cleanliness of the seas and coasts and strives to be active in this regard, pointed out that the pollution created by the daily tour boats of the Southwest coast of our country, which is unique in the world, has increased in parallel with the increase in the number of boats. .

Pointing out that there are efforts of local non-governmental organizations to prevent pollution, Eke said, “However, a solution has not been found on an institutional basis. It is necessary to create a consciousness and organize an organization that will clean the bays,” he said.

Working together with TYBA Association and Muğla Municipality for a solution, Eke tries to clean the bays that she goes to individually by boat.